Writing C.L.A.W. LLC.  is proud to offer the finest writing tool available. 

We believe, having used this item with our own family, that your family will also find how incredible the CLAW really is.  We would love to hear your stories, and personal triumphs, after using the CLAW  Simply email your information to us, and we will post it under our testimonials, keeping your personal information confidential, while allowing others to share in the joy of writing.


"My 5 year old son, would not hold a pencil correctly.  For three years he's had this fist grip with all of his crayons, and pencils, and he refused to adjust.  Since he's been using the C.L.A.W., he can now write his own name, and it's actually legible.  He doesn't want to color, or write without it now.  My two year old is also using it, and is actually catching up to his older brother's writing, and coloring ability.  Where has this product been!!???   

Thank you sooooo much."



I tried the claw with my most difficult grippers; those that no matter what pencil grip you give them, they fist it, or flip it. The students immediately took ownership of the claw. My fifth grader refers to it as air bags for his fingers. This transfers to me as an increased feeling of stability, and security in his writing which he is impressed with himself.

Thank you,

Linda OTR/L


I have found it to be the only grip that helps children change their writing grasp.

Pam M.
Occupational Therapist


I teach Kindergarten and as you may guess I have several kids with fine motor issues including improper pencil grip. I love the C.L.A.W. because it forces the kid’s fingers into the proper position and they have instant success. Please feel free to contact me for further feedback.

Kathy B.
Kindergarten Teacher 


Oh my goodness what a difference!!! Thank you so much for this product! He's a gifted learner and has already skipped a grade but the physical writing was on grade level and behind his older classmates, this puts him closer to the writing matching his brainpower.

Leyla,  Mom